Napoli Spara, Leonard Mann

Written by Joe D on July 22nd, 2007

Hey Guess What! It’s a small world! I went up to a birthday party this weekend, about 200 miles up the coast, central california, my wife was talking to a couple and naturally I butted in and one thing led to another, we were talking about tomatoes, then Italy, how he lived there for 15 years, how he went there in 1968 with just a backpack, how he starred in over 30 films!! His name is Leonard Manzella, but he acted under Leonard Mann. Some of his films are: Napoli Spara, one of my all time favorite polizotos, a couple spaghetti westerns,La Vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo (Revenge Is A Dish Served Cold), Il Pistolero dell’Ave Maria (The Last Pistolero),a scifi L’Umanoide, (The Humanoid),and many others. Anyway we talked about Italian films and how they made them back in the 70’s. Something I’m very interested in, the atmosphere, the milleau of Roma 1968. A super creative time in world Cinema, a flowering of creativity, a new Renaisannce. I am going to interview Leonard soon and post it as a podcast so you all can hear it for yourselves. I also want to do a posting on the techniques of Italian film production (1960’s/70’s) style. So anybody that wants to can make a film Italian Style. So uncork a bottle of Nebbiolo, kick back and check out a film starring Leonard Mann, Napoli Spara is unavailable right now but I’m going to do everything I can to get it released here! In the meantime here’s a lobby card I found over at Stephen Grimes site-

10th Victim Trailer, Marcello Mastroianni, Ursula Andress, Pierro Piccone

Written by Joe D on July 15th, 2007

I posted this trailer for your viewing pleasure. It’s chock full of groovy techniques, opticals, titles, graphics and great music. A must see movie in my book. Things to look for: The opening is shot on location in NYC, they filmed in the wreckage of the old Penn Station, before Madison Square Garden was built. Penn Station was an amazing place, look up some pictures. Marcello with blonde hair, “Hey, Blondie!”, Ursula Andress and her super groovy costumes, including the infamous 25 caliber brassiere. The cult that worships the Sun, The futuristic Citroen DS with the plexiglass roof. And how ingenious to shoot a film that takes place in the future in Rome! The ruins will still be there in 500 years, it’s not going to change that much. Also an incredible jazz score by Pierro Piccone, that’s Pierro himself playing the organ. It gives the movie an unforgettable ambience. I read somewhere that Marcello read the sci/fi story this film was based on and he made it happen! Handsome, a great actor, and smart too! And guess what, the editor was Marcello’s brother Ruggero Mastroianni. So find a copy, sit back, sip some Prosecco, and enjoy!