Inglorious Bastards screens at The New Beverly

Written by Joe D on July 31st, 2008

Yo Everyone! I went to the screening of Inglorious Bastards at The New Beverly and it was great! it was also packed! A great turnout for this cool film. The film was action packed, a story full of enough twists and turns for three movies! But the real surprise was how funny the film is! Fred Williamson has a ton of great lines, great reactions. There are many cool bits including stopping a V2 rocket from exploding by shoving a pencil into a worm gear, such a great Italian solution! Bo Svenson is great too, as the playboy fighter pilot. Fred Williamson jumps from a bridge onto a moving train. It’s really him doing the stunt , and he talked about it during the Q & A. He said he couldn’t see the train as it went by because of the smoke from the locomotive. But he heard Enzo’s voice yell “jump!” and he did. He landed on his butt because he couldn’t see otherwise he would have ” jumped cool”. Fred, Enzo and Bo spoke at length about the film, and the crowd sang Happy Birthday to Enzo, he couldn’t believe it and he was extremely happy. Kudos to Severin Films for striking a new print of this cool movie. Check it out if you can! It’s showing again tomorrow night at the New Beverly.

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