Enzo G. Castellari

Written by Joe D on July 30th, 2008


Enzo G. and Q.T.
I attended Enzo G. Castellari’s 70th birthday party at the Italian Cultural Institute last night and it was a blast! I got to talk for quite a while with Enzo, a true maestro and a real gentleman. This was kind of amazing since it was a party in his honor and everyone was there to see him. We were interrupted several times by actors from his films, including Bo Svenson and Fred Williamson who appear in the original Inglorius Bastards akaQuel maledetto treno blindato. Lou Ferrigno ( the Incredible Hulk) , Edd “Kookie” Byrnes, Pia Zadora and John Saxon were there as well. I tried to complement John Saxon on his work in Mario Bava’s La Ragazza Che Sappeva Troppio, or The Girl Who Knew Too Much, or The Evil Eye, but he didn’t want to hear it. I guess he was in a hurry to get back to The Planet Of Blood . But Enzo really got excited when I asked him about his working as an editor. His father, Marino Girolami, directed over 100 films and Enzo told me that he grew up in the editing room. That’s how he got to spend time with his father, by hanging around the editing room. Also he’d go to the cutting room every night after shooting and tell the editor how to cut the scene he’d shot the day before. He loves editing and tells his students at the Arte Institute, ” If you want to be a director you must first learn editing!” Any way it was a great evening, honoring this giant of Italian Film, It made everyone there happy, seeing how happy Enzo was at being honored for his birthday and for the DVD release of his great Inglorius Bastards! Go out and buy it! From Severin Films!
Here’s the trailer!

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  1. Jul

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this 3-disc set! I’ve been an INGLORIOUS BASTARDS fan since way back (but, of course, still due to Tarantino’s constant mentioning of it). I seem to recall the VHS was retitled DEADLY MISSION and may even have been severly cut.

    I was briefly in correspondence with Castellari, and he insisted he send me an autographed behind-the-scenes still of himself (and special surprise guest autograph from…Franco Nero!)…six months later, that was followed up by a very nice postcard from Italy, featuring a slate and his director’s chair.

    Anyway…seems like you had a very entertaining time!

  2. Jul
    Joe D

    It was great, Enzo is a super nice guy and his son was there who was really cool as well. I didn’t realize when I spoke with him that his father directed two of my favorite poliziotto’s Roma Violenta and Italia A Mano Armata! with Maurico Merli as Inspettore Betti! Great Stuff!

  3. Apr

    That supposed to be a great party! I know him personally. He is actually a gentleman.

  4. Jan
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  5. Jan
    Aliette G.C.

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