Vonetta McGee 1945-2010

Written by Joe D on July 15th, 2010

The lovely Vonetta McGee has passed on to the next dimension. Luckily for us trapped here on Earth we can still enjoy her beauty projected on the Silver Screen. She got her break appearing in Sergio Corbucci’s Il Grande Silenzio, a top notch Spaghetti Western, and she is an amazing presence in that film.

A gorgeous Black woman in a Western! Corbucci had vision, it’s no wonder that he is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite directors. Vonetta also appeared in The Eiger Sanction playing against another veteran of the Italian western, Clint Eastwood.

Alex Cox, a huge fan of Il Grande Silenzio and an expert on Spaghetti Westerns cast Vonetta in his cult hit Repo Man probably because she was in The Great Silence.

She is also in a film of gigantic cultural significance, Blacula.

Goodbye Vonetta, we will all miss you. Maybe Quentin will put together a retrospective of your films and screen them at the New Beverly or The CineFamily. I think that would be Super Cool.

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