Mina, Piero Picconi, Gianni Ferrio

Written by Joe D on September 8th, 2007



Here’s a clip of the wonderful Mina singing Amore, Amore. That’s the writer of the song Pierro Picconi at the pipe organ. Picconi wrote a myriad of scores for great italian films, (like The 10th Victim). And that’s the super genius composer Gianni Ferrio conducting. Gianni is one of the best arrangers of italian pop music and soundtracks from the Golden Age of italian Cinema. I met Gianni at his villa outside Roma when Daniele Luppi and I interviewed him. He’s an incredible person, so cool, so brilliant.
p.s. If this song doesn’t move you, jump in a hole, pull your dirt blanket up under your chin and sleep the Big Sleep.

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  1. Sep

    I loved his work on “Danger!! Death Ray!”. Too bad that soundtrack isn’t available. Mystery Science Theater 3000 did a spoof of the movie. The theme song played a big part.

  2. Sep

    Gianni’s score for The Mysterious Island Of Captain Nemo is incredible. It’s a TV mini series with Omar Sharif.

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