One Night With You at New Filmmakers LA

Written by Joe D on August 20th, 2007


Made it Ma! Top of The World! I mean A+D Museum!

ONWY screened as part of the 2007 New Filmmakers Series on Thursday August 16th. The screening took place at the Architecture and Design Museum of Los Angeles and was a rousing success despite some technical malfunctions.

The Screening Room

The space was packed and the air conditioning was off due to construction but even though it was broiling in there no one left! They all stayed till the end of the film! One viewer told me he has a major cigarette addiction, he runs outside to grab a smoke every 20 minutes or so, yet he was so wrapped up in the story that he forgot to go out and smoke. That was music to my ears, a sign that the mechanisms of the film are working properly. We want to thank the brave souls that baked for 91 minutes and didn’t flee the theater. We want to thank New Filmmakers LA for choosing our film to launch the series. They are dedicated talented people that love film! Our next scheduled screening is in Estes Park Colorado on Sept. 15 as part of the Estes Park Film Festival. We will be screening a 35mm print at the oldest theater west of the Mississippi! If any of you Film Forno Fans are near there please come on down to check it out. For more information about our screening go to:
P.S. Estes Park is home to the Stanley Hotel, made famous in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.