Wu Tang Clan Presents- 18 Jade Claws of Shaolin

Written by Joe D on November 23rd, 2020

RZA has singlehandedly elevated the Cinese Kung Fu Film to an accepted Art Foem. I told him they were going to screen The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter at The Museum Of Modern Art in NYC. He was happy. Anyway Check this one out, I hadn’t ever heard of it so we can thank the Film Lovers of the WuTang for turning us on to this one.

The Man With The Iron Fists

Written by Joe D on November 2nd, 2012


A lot of fun and definitely different, go check it out. I edited it. Opens today!



Kung Fu Treasure Hunters!

Written by Joe D on October 26th, 2009


Treasure Trove Of Kubla Khan or Gordon Liu

Dan Halstead, master of the grindhousefilmfest and the super cool Slums Of Shaolin has unearthed a veritable treasure trove of Kung Fu Films! Deep in the bowels of an old Chinese movie theater, in an inner city crack zone, Dan and his intrepid pal Leno unearthed these lost gems and brought them to the light of arc lamps for the first time in many years, all I can say is Bravo! And when can we get to watch! Check out more here: Treasure of the Forgotten Temple

36th Chamber Of Shaolin

Written by Joe D on December 7th, 2008

What the heck, here’s another classic Kung Fu epic starring the great Gordon Liu. This film influenced Quentin Tarantino quite a bit and the ShawScope opening banner seen on this trailer is the one used at the beginning of Kill Bill. It came from a print of this film. Here’s the trailer – This is essential Kung Fu, Check it out!

Dirty Ho

Written by Joe D on December 6th, 2008

Gordon Liu as Pai Mei from Kill Bill

In the mood for some imaginative, entertaining, kick ass kung fu? Then check out Dirty Ho starring the great Gordon Liu. I had the pleasure of working on a film Mr. Liu appeared in, Kill Bill. He was in both parts of KB and to me is especially memorable in his portrayal of Pai Mei. But here is the trailer from Dirty Ho.