Planet Patrol!

Written by Joe D on January 29th, 2009

Here’s some of Planet Patrol. I used to watch this and drink chocolate milk after I got home from Sacred Heart School. It was made in England in some guy’s garage and there it was called Space Patrol. I love the sets, futuristic cities made of plastic and the music is outstanding. Electronic tonalities reminiscent of Forbidden Planet. Check it out!

The Life And Times Of Don Luis Bunuel

Written by Joe D on January 24th, 2009

Here’s a documentary on the great maestro of Cinema, Don Luis Bunuel. This is the first part but you can find the rest on YouTube.

Behind The Scenes on Fellini’s Satyricon

Written by Joe D on January 15th, 2009

Here’s some footage shot during the making of Fellini’s Satyricon. Thanks to Jeff Gent for pointing this out. Oddly enough a guy I worked with many years ago told me he shot a lot of documentary footage on the set of this film, his name is John Taylor, we worked on a PBS kids film with Morgan Freeman. This was just before Freeman’s breakthrough role as a pimp in Street Smart. He had just finished working on Electric Company as The Count and the first thing he told us was ” I ain’t putting on that fucking cape!” So here’s to John Taylor, maybe this is some of his film.

R.I.P. Bernie Hamilton

Written by Joe D on January 2nd, 2009

Bernie Hamilton has shuffled off this mortal coil. Bernie was probably best remembered as the gruff, no no nonsense Captain Dobey on the 70’s TV series Starsky And Hutch. But he also appeared in some interesting films , most notably The Swimmer and Bunuel’s The Young One. The latter was almost impossible to see until fairly recently.


Bernie in Bunuel’s “The Young One”

It opened to extremely mixed reviews due to it’s racially charged subject matter, nominated for the Palm D’Or and winning a Special Mention at Cannes , one Harlem newspapper called for Bunuel to be hung from a lamppost! Hamilton plays a marooned jazz musician fleeing a potential lynch mob, an interesting role considering his brother is the great jazz drummer Chico Hamilton. Chico appears in the super cool Sweet Smell Of Successwith Burt Lancaster, Bernie was in The Swimmer with Mr. Lancaster. Bernie was also in The Jackie Robinson Story, a strange, yet moving film starring Jackie Robinson chronicling his breaking of the baseball color barrier. He also appeared in some 70’s classics like Nam’s Angels, Scream, Blacula, Scream, Hammer, and Synanon . So farewell Bernie , see you at the South Central Memorial Bar-B-Que with a hell of a band playing some cool tunes./



Bernie Got His Own Action Figure!