More Carradine, Circle Of Iron

Written by Joe D on May 27th, 2010


This is the same bamboo flute used in Kill Bill

Well they couldn’t show Circle Of Iron Sunday night at the Cine Family, it was 2 in the morning! But they said they’d show it on Monday at 10:30 pm. So I went back to see the last of the Carradine tributes. It was excellent! Here’s my favorite scene with Carradine as King Of The Monkey Men!

And here’s another great scene featuring Tuco himself, Eli WALLACH

Carradine Festival, QT’s tribute screening

Written by Joe D on May 24th, 2010

I went to the CineFamily Theater yesterday at 4 pm and I didn’t leave until about 2am! Quentin Tarantino hosted a marathon screening of David Carradine performance gems. First off we watched a 16mm print of the first episode of Kung Fu called King Of The Mountain, it featured John Saxon as a bounty hunter and Brandon Cruz as a boy orphaned by an Indian raid. It was terrific! I haven’t seen Kung Fu since it was on TV! QT regaled the audience with tales of Carradine between each showing that made the screenings really cool. The philosophy Caine spews during Kung Fu is pure Confucianism and it works excellently. Next up was an episode of a long gone TV show called Cimarron Strip starring and produced by Stuart Whitman. Carradine was a guest star on this show and turned in an excellent performance. QT stated it was hands down his favorite David Carradine guest star appearance. DC demonstrated his formidable quick draw technique in this episode, according to QT Carradine was one of the fastest quick draws in Hollywood history, 2nd only to Sammy Davis Jr.!

Next up we had a bunch of trailers, great stuff! Then a scene from Larry Bishop’s chopper opera Hell Ride that featured Carradine. Some more trailers and then the jam packed car crash extravaganza Cannonball, a Paul Bartel helmed follow up to his Mega Hit for Roger Corman, Death Race 2000.

An amusing anecdote from Mr. T, Ingmar Bergman wanted an American actor for his film The Serpent’s Egg. He called Richard Harris but he was booked up. Someone recommended Ingmar go see Death Race 2000, as it was playing in Berlin where Bergman was casting, so Ingemar went and the rest is history. After that the extremely bizzare Sonny Boy, Carradine plays this film in drag, it’s a completly wacked film, check out the trailer. A surprise visit from the star of the film Sonny Boy himself Michael Boston capped the experience, he had never seen the film projected! By the way the 35mm print had a horrible noise on some of the reels, people should check this stuff out before shipping defective films.

Finally we watched Gray Lady Down, a studio pic starring Chuck Heston as a sub captain and DC as the pilot of a mini sub that has to rescue the sunken crew. Yo it was crazy! All in all a touching tribute to an actor from a director who loved his work. Carradine was part of the Tarantino Film Family and he got a great send off. Tonight they’re going to show Circle Of Iron because it got too late to go on last night. See You There at 10:30!

Food Party!

Written by Joe D on May 17th, 2010

I love food, I love to party, I love Food Party.


Written by Joe D on May 14th, 2010

The restored,longer version of Fritz Lang’s super mega masterpiece,METROPOLIS is being shown in theaters starting today Friday, May 14, 2010! GO! Do not miss it! This film is like the wellsping, the source from which all sci-fi sprang! New Footage! 20 minutes worth and the original orchestral score not throbbing disco. Check it out. I once heard Lang was editing the last reels as it was being premiered, so he had guys on motorcycles rushing the reels as he finished cutting them to the theater! Crazy! I went to see Black Monn last night and it was SOLD OUT! (I got in) But what an amazing occurence, a sold out Thursday night screening of an obscure Art Film! Down with corporate Art! Don’t go see the Hollywood crap go see METROPOLIS!


Lang directs Metropolis!

Ultra Groovy Ultra Rare Screening- Black Moon and Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders!

Written by Joe D on May 11th, 2010


Two super cool films will screen in glorious 35mm at the CineFamily this Thursday night. Starting at 8 o’clock Louis Malle’s Fairy Tale for Adults , Black Moon will be projected. This is a unique, disturbing, highly creative film and chances to see it in a theater with other humans are rare as hen’s teeth.


The same can be said of Jaromil Jires Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders. This epic of surreal magic unspools at 10. Click HERE for details. I’ll be there how about YOU!


Written by Joe D on May 6th, 2010

A black leather jacketed, sunglass wearing amnesiac Beatnik Jesus shows up in a small town in post WWII Poland and turns on the townsfolk with miracles and music. Novelist/filmmaker Tadeusz Konwicki conjurs up Salto from his novel A Dreambook for our Time. It expresses the inexpressible remarkably. Once again the proto Beatnik figure is seen as a semi Messiah, as in Cocteau’s Orphee. This was the psychic build up to the creative explosion of the 60’s. But just watch this clip, I dare you not to be impressed.