Written by Joe D on May 14th, 2010

The restored,longer version of Fritz Lang’s super mega masterpiece,METROPOLIS is being shown in theaters starting today Friday, May 14, 2010! GO! Do not miss it! This film is like the wellsping, the source from which all sci-fi sprang! New Footage! 20 minutes worth and the original orchestral score not throbbing disco. Check it out. I once heard Lang was editing the last reels as it was being premiered, so he had guys on motorcycles rushing the reels as he finished cutting them to the theater! Crazy! I went to see Black Monn last night and it was SOLD OUT! (I got in) But what an amazing occurence, a sold out Thursday night screening of an obscure Art Film! Down with corporate Art! Don’t go see the Hollywood crap go see METROPOLIS!


Lang directs Metropolis!