Buster Keaton’s Cops in Color

Written by Joe D on October 20th, 2019

Here is one of my favorite Buster Keaton shorts, Cops, and it’s been colorized. I know everybody hates colorization but if you’re not watching this in a movie theater with a hand cranked projector running Nitrate film, you’re not seeing it as it was meant to be seen, so if a color version of this film turns on new generations of watchers to the great Buster Keaton, so be it. (Some youngsters claim not to like B&W films.) Bah!


Peter Lorre Documentary

Written by Joe D on October 13th, 2019



Here is a nice documentary on one of the greatest actors of all time, Peter Lorre. He is unique,there will never be another like him. I guess his daughter had died by the time they made this doc. Lorre’s niece supplies the family point of view.