Akira Kurosawa, Francis Coppola, and a bottle of whiskey!

Written by Joe D on November 26th, 2008

Francis Coppolla kicked back with his best pal Akira Kurosawa after a hard day of filming and they hoisted a couple of glasses of Suntory whiskey, at least that’s what these commercials want you to believe. I think they were friends! I think if you want to be a great director you need to get some Suntory whiskey right now and start drinking! Also you need some killer shades like Akira is wearing. Kom Pai!

P.S. Check out the ice clinking in the glass sound effects, they make it all happen for me.

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  1. Nov

    I’m lost for words.

    This is just fantastic.

    Great site by the way, I found this place a couple of weeks back and instantly put it on my reader. Brilliant stuff.

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