Karel Zeman, visionary, proto steam punk

Written by Joe D on December 12th, 2008

Check out this doc on the great Karel Zeman, Czech animator, special effects guru, all around genius. I don’t know about you but I vastly prefer mechanical, physical, optical effects to the digital junk created by an army of ants with computers. Zeman made the super cool Fantastic World of Jules Verne in a Victorian roto-gravure style, it rocks! Anyway here’s a couple of videos as a sample.The first is the doc, the second is a trailer for Jules Verne.

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  1. Dec
    Film Walrus

    Zeman’s totally one of my recent favorites! I love his “Fantastic World of Jules Verne” and “Baron Prasil” is an all time favorite. I have a crappy copy of “Journey to the Beginning of Time” that I’m going to watch soon too. There are a couple of his shorts on YouTube, including one done with blown glass! What a genius!

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