Written by Joe D on February 20th, 2009

Here’s the trailer for Antonioni’s Blow Up. I’ve been thinking about this film a lot lately, the ambiguity, the way it doesn’t explain anything, the tension created by you not knowing what will happen next, something sorely missed in contemporary films where you know everything that will occur. Great Art Direction, Great Camera Work, some of the best driving footage since Touch Of Evil. Maybe I’ll write an in depth piece on it soon. It deserves it.

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  1. Feb
    Nigel M

    Thanks for this little prod Joe, I have had blow up sitting in my “to watch” pile here for absolutely ages and for some reason or other it never seems to get played. I’ll watch this one on the weekend.

    Would you say this one influences the fashion shoot theme that crops up time and again in giallo?

  2. Feb
    Joe D

    This is the granddaddy of all fashion shoot sequences. I’m glad you’re going to watch it, I’ll be interested in your reaction to this enigmatic film.

  3. Feb
    Nigel M

    Sorry Joe, couldn’t finish this one. Got about half hour in and gave up and watched Blastfighter instead. It may have been the mood I was in but after first 30 minutes the next 60 seemed like it was going to drag.

    I know this is a widely liked movie and so I wonder if it was just me.

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