Per Fiducia, 3 short films

Written by Joe D on April 22nd, 2009

I just watched 3 short films made by modern masters of Italian Cinema. Click the magic link here and you too will be able to check them out. They are all great! The first one I watched Il Premio(The Award) was directed by the great Maestro Ermanno Olmi, check out The Tree Of Wooden Clogs, a masterpiece. Olmi’s short is wonderfully acted and directed a little jewel of a film, and very moving in an idealistic youthful way. That’s kind of the point, these three films are all designed to present a positive spin on life, in particular life in Italy. They are designed to encourage and give positive reinforcement to Italian youth, a wonderful raison d’etre. And they all succeed in different ways.
The second film I watched was a beautiful piece of Cinema Artifice, a psychological sleight of hand that worked brilliantly. It’s calledStella, directed by Gabrele Salvatores .The lead actress is incredible, she has a face that evokes so much, is so deep, you can get lost staring in to her eyes. My favorite performance of all the films.
The third film is a gem as well,
La Partita Lenta (The Slow Game)directed by Paolo Sorrentino, beautiful in it’s ambiguity, in the unspoken emotions transmitted in the looks of it’s characters. And beautifully photographed in glorious Black and White. Bravo! Bravo to all three filmmakers and Bravo to Intesa Sanpaolo for making this happen. All countries should pursue creative ways of inspiring their young citizens, they are the future.

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  1. May
    Jahir Kamal

    I saw this short film. That’s very nice. I enjoyed this film and I inspired from this film.


  2. May

    Very nice article. This is a very nice project with three amazing directors.

  3. May

    This 3 short film is excilent.

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