Columbia Film Noir Classics

Written by Joe D on November 11th, 2009

Columbia Pictures just released a film noir box set of 5 dvds, all of them classics. There’s Edward Dymytrk’s The Sniper an early serial killer story set in San Francisco and starring Monster On The Campus leading man Arthur Franz. Martin Scorsese adds a commentary.
Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat starring Glenn Ford, Lee Marvin and Gloria Graham. Directors Michael Mann and Scorsese toss their 2 cents in on this gem.

Phil Karlson’s 5 against The House with Brian “rub my jaw” Keith. A vegas caper flick. No commentary on this one, a telling comment in itself?

Don “I hate hippies” Siegel’s The Lineup starring Tuco himself, Eli Wallach gets comments from Noir Guru and straight man, Eddie Mueller and mad dog James Ellroy. A lot of fun to be had by all on this track.
And last but not least Irving Lerner’s Murder By Contract starring Hammerhead Vince Edwards, who I used to see at the racetrack all the time.

This film was a big influence on Mr. Scorsese, I think it’s really interesting how some of the best directors out there were influenced by B movies or even Z movies! Quentin Tarantino for example, also Jean Luc Godard has expressed his regard for Monogram Pictures ( the cheapest of the cheap). Anyway I for one have put this set on my Xmas list! I hope I find it under the tree when I awaken Dec. 25th.

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