The Leopard Man

Written by Joe D on January 15th, 2011

I’ve been obsessed with Val Lewton lately, I even bought the box set of his films, The Val Lewton Horror Collection. It’s well worth the price, here are 9 great films produced by a true low budget genius at my favorite studio, RKO, made by some of Cinema’s greatest artists and artisans. A wonderful treat. Anyway while watching The Leopard Man I noticed it was based on a novel by Cornell Woolrich, the pulp writer who has had more books turned into films than any of his contemporaries. A reclusive writer that has had an enormous cultural influence on contemporary psychic reality. So I thought I’d order his novel, Black Alibi, then I found out someone had beaten me to the punch, a little research led me to a brilliant article on The Leopard Man. Here’s a link to it,The Strange Pleasure Of The Leopard Man it’s well worth reading.

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