Tribute to Terrence Malick Poet Laureate of American Cinema

Written by Joe D on May 12th, 2011

Yo Film Fiends, tonite LACMA starts it’s tribute to Terrence Malick by screening his first film the seminal masterpiece Badlands. If you haven’t seen it or even if you have go to LACMA and experience it in all it’s 35mm glory. This is Poetic Cinema at it’s finest! The best use of Voice over of all time! And the person that speaks that voice over will be there in person! The incredible Sissy Spacek! One of the finest, most unique film actors ever to grace the silver screen. She is a precious gem in the crown of Cinema, Queen of the Arts.
Go Go Go! to LACMA. I got a ticket but I have to work late so I don’t think I can make it, I am bummed out but everyone else who can go should. The last time I saw Badlands I felt it was about cruelty to animals and how that spoke as to what kind of a human being you were. It’s such a wonderful work of art that every time you watch it you can discover whole new themes. The end is beautiful too, clouds, sky, music. The innocent drawl of Sissy Spacek narrating her mysterious existence in everyday terms. Here’s the info.

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  1. May
    Blake Maniquis

    Beautiful & crazy and the Orff music is so so wonderfully used. It’s hard to imagine this kind of movie being made today.

    I can’t make it either. Bummer. I see that they’re playing The Thin Red Line tomorrow, but no mention if it’s the one dye transfer print that was created and screened a few years ago, which I also missed. If it were that print, I would try very hard to get there.

  2. May
    Joe D

    I saw a reel of the dye transfer print of The Thin Red Line, it was amazing.

  3. Jul
    Leland Zaitz

    I thought you might enjoy this: A short tribute to (and parody of) “The Tree of Life.”

  4. Jul
    Joe D

    Very funny!Especially when she eats the snowball in one bite.

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