The Scarlet Worm

Written by Joe D on August 21st, 2011


An intrepid band of young filmmakers got together and made a Western, it’s called The Scarlet Worm. Now they have a distribution deal, congratulations! The Scarlet Worm is an enjoyable foray into Morality Western Style, a gun, a Bible, a whorehouse, a killer with a conscience, a Scripture spouting abortionist. Very creative spin on the genre. Standout performers: Dan Van Husen, Aaron Stielstra, Kevin Giffin, Montgomery Ford, David Lambert, Mike Malloy. Impressive wide screen cinematography by Mike Martinez. Great production design and locations, these guys do a lot with a little, it’s difficult to pull off a period film without a big budget and their results are very impressive. I also thought the practical gunshot effects were outstanding, when someone gets shot you feel it. Lead actor Stielstra composed the score as well and it’s very good, atmospheric, lyrical, it elevates the film.  An excellent script by David Lambert explores Religion, Spirituality, Morality, in a classic Western drama, fraught with unexpected twists and creative soliloquies that contrast Biblical verse and natural science and become the basis for man’s rationalization of his horrible behavior. Director Michael Fredianelli assembled a talented cast of actors and artisans and pulled off a coup. The Scarlet Worm will be distributed by Unearthed Films later this year (I got a chance to view an advanced screener).  Check it out as soon as you can.

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