Orson Welles Voodoo MacBeth

Written by Joe D on October 17th, 2011

macbeth1.jpgHere is a newsreel of Orson Welles production of Macbeth. Produced by the WPA and called Voodoo MacBeth because Welles set it in Haiti with Voodoo priests as the Three Sisters, it was a resounding smash, toured the nation and put Welles on the road to stardom. I used to frequent a bar/restaurant on 8th Avenue around 55th st.in NYC. It was called Le Coq Au Vin, a charming place run by a great guy, Jojo. One evening I was talking to an older woman at the bar, she was working at The Metropolitan Opera as a costumer, she told me she had worked at The Mercurey Theater with Orson when she was young and had worked on Voodoo MacBeth.



The Hearst Building on 8th Avenue, The fancy glass tower was added a few years back. It’s a luxury high rise, home to such luminaries as Michael Mann

I also met an older gent there who had worked on Movietone Newsreels, (The bar was about a block away from Hearst Movitone HQ on 8th), Funny, considering Citizen Kane’s fake newsreel opening and Orson’s relationship to WR Hearst.

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