All Things Must Pass – Jerry’s Video Reruns

Written by Joe D on September 2nd, 2007

What a bummer! My favorite video store is closing down! I just found out that they will close their doors for good on Tuesday after 20 years of operation.


Now What was it I was going to rent?

This is a place where you could find really obscure stuff, a lot of things only available on VHS. Tapes with stickers that said “$400 if lost or damaged”. Jerry and his wife are being forced out, victims of escalating rent and other expenses.


Jerry & Mary

Some corporate crap house will no doubt take over his space. Yuck! Many’s the night a small crowd would be gathered by the counter talking film, watching a bizarre clip Jerry would be playing on a monitor by the door. “Hey Jerry can you show my friend the opening of Cemetary Without Crosses?”


Wait a minute, I reserved Showgirls! Give it back!

I would recommend movies to people if they showed an interest. When an actor died news people would call Jerry for a clip. Writers and directors would rent reference films , researching projects, ripping off, I mean getting inspired by old films. Jerry was interviewed about William Castle, Ed Wood, his favorite movie-King Kong, Wah Chang, etc., etc. He always knew the name of every obscure character actor, he was always talking about particular episodes of long forgotten TV shows. He’s a great source of Hollywood history.


Filmed in Percepto! You are the clerk!

I’d see lots of Celebrities in there. One Time Leonardo DiCaprio was shining a laser pointer at passing cars from the parking lot!


Hey Mister! Are you a Celebrity?

Maybe Jerry will offer a phone in information service. ” Hello, Jerry’s video info!” ” Yeah, umm, who was the guy that played Gort in The Day The Earth Stood Still?” I guess running a video store can get to be a grind, when I asked Jerry “What are you going to do now?” he replied” As little as possible!” So lift up a stein of Belgian Beer and toast the passing of a movie oasis, an island of cool films that’s sinking beneath the waves of corporate media.


So Long Old Friend

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  1. Sep

    There never was, and never will be, a store quite like Jerry’s Video Reruns.

    I already miss it badly.

  2. Sep

    Man, this breaks my heart. Combined with the loss of Mondo Video and (I fear) the likely eventual demise of the New Beverly, 2007 is a tragic year for cinema in Los Angeles.

    Also, I hate like hell to sound like a vulture, but anyone know what they’re doing with the videos? There were some real treasures there, and I still have a list of things I never got around to renting.

  3. Sep

    Jerry will be selling his stock on ebay if there’s something specific you had in mind I can ask him about it although he did sell a lot of videos in his last few days of operation. I bought a few myself.

  4. Sep
    Richard Harland Smith

    I only rented from there once but I walked out the door with a stack of videos heavy enough to crush a vole.

  5. Jun
    EA Press

    Now 2010 and a hole in the heart, still. We love you Mary & Jerry!

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