Zardoz trailer, Pablo Ferro, Future Podcasts

Written by Joe D on July 10th, 2007

Here’s the Zardoz trailer in all it’s glory! It was created by the great Pablo Ferro. Pablo has done some incredible trailers like for instance Dr. Strangelove, A clockwork Orange, Z, . He also has created title sequences for Dr. Stangelove, Bullitt, Midnight Cowboy, Harold and Maude, A Clockwork Orange and many others. I will be posting a podcast interview with Pablo in the near future, so in the meantime I’ll upload some of his work as a preview of coming attractions.
P.S. I noticed that there is a cut in the trailer,after the line “The Gun Is Good” and after the giant head vomits guns all over Sean Connery and his men, the Giant head should say “The Penis Is Evil”. I guess the word “penis” is a no no, or maybe the censor really believes that the penis is evil so they castrated the trailer.

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