Give Eli Wallach an Academy Award!

Written by Joe D on December 8th, 2007

December 7th was Eli Wallach’s 92nd birthday. Please members of the Academy give the guy a career Academy Award! He deserves it! He’s a National Treasure. His portrayal of Tuco in Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is one of the greatest in the History Of Cinema! He should have won back then. Let’s show the man how much we appreciate him while he’s still here! Who deserves it more than him? He’s never gotten one and it’s a disgrace to our film community. I’m starting the campaign now! Spread the word! Write your Congressman! Petition the Academy, Seize the Chinese Theater! Maybe the American Cinematheque can have a retrospective and generate publicity, any and all ideas welcome. Let’s honor this great artist! Clint jump on the bandwagon for your old buddy, don’t leave him hanging like at the end of GBU.

Take the shot, elevate him to the firmament of Super Stars!

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  1. Jun
    Arch Stanton

    I’ve been saying this for at least 25 years! Eli’s portrayal of Tuco is more than Oscar-worthy, especially when weighed against the ineptitude issuing forth from Hollywood these days.

  2. Jun
    Joe D

    Arch, You Are Correct, Sir!

  3. Jun
    Harvey (UK)

    Excllent actor, wish him well, shame his fellow star Lee Van Cleef died so young. They both desrve an award for their acting careers. God bless!

  4. Jun
    Joe D

    Amen to that!

  5. May
    Jahir Kamal

    Nice movie. Excellent actor.

  6. Oct

    I had no idea that Eli was born in 1915. Reviewing his filmography, brings greater awareness of how much he has entertained us all; more than many remember. However, if he had not played his wonderful roles, the films that he was in would not have been as wonderful as they were. His role’s playing with more famed actors has left many without the awareness of the magnitude of his great contributions.

    I am 49, and up until recently, when I looked at a movie title he was in to find out his name, I had very seldom thought of Eli unless I was watching him in action. If his name was ever brought up in a conversation, I would refer to him as “he was the guy that guy in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”. I never knew his name. That is pathetic and embarrassing.

    From my personal experience and perception, Eli has always played the role of a cantankerous conniving thief and/or bumbling instigator. It is a shame that his famed roles as a character actor have not been rewarded with greater recognition. At the very least, he should have received many awards for best supporting actor. Therefore, I agree 100% that he should be given some lifetime achievement award.

  7. Oct
    Joe D

    They better hurry up while he’s still kicking! P.S. I heard he’s in Polanski’s new film.

  8. Nov

    I really adore Eli, and would love to have the chance to meet and chat with him. Been saying that for a few years now. My grand-father said he met him years ago at a party and thought he had lived in the state of MA, but I don’t know.
    I loved him in the Don Siegel, The Lineup (my being hot for Noir) – he was terrific. Of course the GBU is one of my favorites, love Leone, and Eli was the most charming and wonderful in that. I guess I need to see quite a few others from his long list of credits. If anyone knows how I can talk to him… I am already sad losing Richard Widmark these days, who left us last year and was awesome in so much. Never thought I had a chance meeting Stewart or Newman, but Eli – you would surely want to share your stories of film etc? I am a lovely lady from Santa Fe … we used to have a Noir festival here and The Lineup came through.

    Okay. To one of the real greats!

  9. Oct
    Sonic Mike

    Wow, he’s as great as Brando and better than most of the crap like Cage and cronies. He DESERVES the respect of an Oscar; NOW, DAMMIT!

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