New video store downtown-Old Bank DVD

Written by Joe D on January 8th, 2008


What a Deal!

My pal Mark Boone Junior turned me on to a great DVD store, Old Bank DVD. It’s down on 4th and Main and it has a great selection of films to check out. I’ve been in need of a new place to rent stuff since Jerry’s video closed a few months back. It’s next door to a great little cafe where they make excellent coffee, have an impressive selection of wines by the glass, and make a mean panini. The Banquette Cafe, very nice. But check out what I got at Old Bank DVD, 3 dvds for $10, on a table by the front door are some on sale specials from an Art Walk or something. I got Hercules Unchained, Italian peplum starring Steve Reeves and photographed by the great Mario Bava, Crime Boss, directed by Alberto DeMartino and starring Telly Savalas, and Deep Red by the master of Italian horror, Dario Argento! What a deal! I haven’t watched them yet so I can’t speak for the quality but still, $3 and 33 cents each! Score! I was talking about Bava to the guy running the place and two other guys asked if I liked Bava. They turned out to be filmmakers from Italy and we had a great conversation about Italian film, Cinecitta, and Bud Spencer! How cool is that! I’ve found my new video spot, I can get there on my scooter in 10 minutes and pick up a DVD. So head down to 4th and Main across from The Barclay Hotel, have a glass of wine and check out the excellent selection at Old Bank DVD. I’ll post some photos soon.

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  1. Jan

    I ve got cime boss in my “to see” pile of dvd’s here. i ve got enough unwatched suff to keep me going until the end of the month and crime boss is in there along with violent rome and raiders of atlantis among others. its time to shop again soon as I have nothing new lined up for February.

  2. Jan

    I enjoyed Crime Boss even though Antonio Sabato is not high on my list of great actors. There’s one scene in particular I almost couldn’t watch. But Telly is great as usual. He’s smoking a lot and trying to quit, Art imitating Life, I heard Bava gave him a lollipop to help him quit while making Lisa and The Devil,Telly took it back with him to NYC and it became Kojack’s trademark.

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