The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, Peter Yates, Robert Mitchum, Bob Marcato

Written by Joe D on January 18th, 2008


Thanks to the crazy cats at Popcorn and Sticky Floors I found this trailer from The Friends Of Eddie Coyle which by the way I feel is Peter Yates best film. I like it better than Bullitt. Robert Mitchum is great in it , an incredible understated performance complete with believable Boston accent. Peter Boyle is excellent as well. This is a gritty crime film with great acting, how can you top that! Kind of a cross between a John Huston film and an Umberto Lenzi politziotto! I worked with Peter Yates a few years back, travelling with him to Chicago to preview Suspect, he’s a real gentleman and he said he had a great time making this film. It was edited by the cigar smoking ex-wife of Roy Schieder, Cynthia Schieder. The trailer brought back some memories for me, hearing that snarling rasp of the narrator I immediately recognized him as Bob Marcato. I worked as an editor at a trailer company in NYC back in the 80’s and used Bob all the time. His voice is plastered all over exploitation trailers from the 70’s. He has such a distinctive snarl once you hear it you can never forget it. For some reason (probably a contractual thing) this film has never been released on dvd, I’m not sure if it ever came out on VHS! I had a copy somewhere but it was made from Peter’s own transfer. Maybe through my pals at Triage Motion Picture Services I can ask a mucky muck at Paramount what’s up with this unreleased gem and if I get any news I’ll post it here.

Added bonus! Here’s a link to Whitey Watch, a fascinating study of Boston organized crime and the elusive fugitive Whitey Bulger.

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  1. May

    hola. les quedo muy agradecido si me indican donde puedo conseguir, la pelicula . the friends of eddie coyle, dirigida por peter yates, que este en version español o subtitulada en castellano. gracias y saludos

  2. May
    Joe D

    Es “El Confidente” in espanol. No se donde puede consegui con espanol subtitulada.
    solomente in inglese.

  3. Apr
    backlink checker

    […] Film Forno » Blog Archive » The Friends Of Eddie Coyle, Peter Yates, Robert Mitchum, Bob Marcato […]

  4. Feb
    Ruselle Marcato

    Bob Marcato is/was my Dad. Imagine hearing that voice at home! thanks so much for posting this – it has been really hard for me to add to his Wikipedia and Imdb pages. Any help would be greatly appreciated as you seem to have admired him. Don LaFontain made his living mimicing my father. My older sister and I scour YouTube looking for all the old commercials (Chrysler, EverReady, Wonder Bread, GE, Grape Nuts, Monday Night Football, Spots for Arrowsmith, Kiss, etc. etc.) and other trailers like Rosemary’s Baby (Satan is named for Dad…). Gorky Park… Radio spots too, and the one for Gorky Park far surpasses the film trailer btw…
    Thanks again.

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