The Fat and The Lean

Written by Joe D on August 19th, 2007


Roman Polanski’s short film Le Gros et le maigre (The Fat and The Lean) is a masterpiece. The filmmaking is superb but it is Polanski’s acting that amazes the spectator. He gives an incredible physical performance worthy of comparison with Keaton or Chaplin, brilliant physical comedy with an Eastern European twist.


Young Man With A Goat

The story is simple yet powerful, a social comment on the inequities of life. Descended from the ancient dramatists it shows the servant being capable, creative, full of life while the master is a fat slob that does nothing except expertly control the servant.


Krzysztof Komeda, looking like a Polish James Dean

The music is by the genius composer Krzysztof Komeda, ace Polanski collaborator. Komeda studied to be a medical doctor but his love of jazz and his success with Polanski allowed him to be what he wanted to be, a composer. Check out the music from The Fearless Vampire Killers or Cul-De-Sac, super genius, unique stuff! His life was tragically cut short by a bizarre accident. Komeda and a fellow Pole artist were drunk and walking in the Hollywood Hills, Komeda tripped and fell, injuring himself. His drunken friend picked him up to carry him and dropped him on his head. He lingered in a hospital bed for a few months, never regaining consciousness.

A one and A two!

The co-star of The Fat and The Lean is Andre Katelbach, in Cul-De-Sac Jack MacGowran and Lionel Stander are waiting for orders from their mysterious boss, never seen only vaguely heard over a primitive telephone. His name is also Katelbach.