Maurice Jarre

Written by Joe D on March 30th, 2009

The great composer, Maurice Jarre, has died. A giant on the landscape of film music, his scores enhanced every film they accompanied. Legendary producer Sam Spiegel saw the film
Sundays and Cybele and was so impressed by the score that he hired the young composer to write for his epic production Lawrence Of Arabia, and created a historic director/composer association by introducing Jarre to David Lean. Jarre also scored Franju’s incredible Yeux sans Visage (USA Eyes Without A Face), Frankenheimer’s The Train and many, many more films in all genres, Westerns, Adventures, Dramas, etc. I edited a film that was scored by maestro Jarre, Michael Cimino’s The Sunchaser. He was a pleasure to work with, a good natured, passionate genius, loved by all the musicians in the orchestra. A great artist and a wonderful man. Cinema is missing a true creator, an irreplaceable force, darken all the marquees tonight. We will never see another like him.