Happy Thanksgiving King Kong

Written by Joe D on November 26th, 2009

wor60s1.gifwor70s.jpgWhen I was a kid WOR TV out of NYC would show King Kong every Thanksgiving. I really looked forward to seeing those natives getting chewed up in Kong’s giant teeth and watching the unsuspecting elevated subway riders on their way home from a hard day’s work as Max Steiner’s locomotive tension music pulsated on the soundtrack, then Kong’s head would peep up in the hole he had just made in the tracks and the old engineer would throw on the brake! Too late!
Take the A Train!
Oh well, I just read some where that the original armature of Kong sold recently at Southeby’s for like $200,000 , probably more that Willis O’Brien made in his lifetime.
That little metal skeleton that scared the hell out of millions of people acting out Mr. O’Briens brainwaves.
Willis O’Brien and his little buddy