The Mystery Of Lowell Grant

Written by Joe D on April 23rd, 2010

A guy named David Becken wrote to me, seeking information on Lowell Grant. Lowell was a sculptor who lived around the block from me until his kiln exploded killing him and burning down his house. I think this occurred back in the 70’s. His house was never re-built and the foundation is still there covered with graffiti, it was used as a location on the Echo Park film Mi Vida Loca. Lowell also did sculptures for a movie starring Vincent Price called Diary Of A Madman. Here’s a link to my earlier piece about Lowell.If anyone has any information they’d like to share please write in, I’ve had one person ask about getting a sculpture repaired and if Lowell had any children that were now sculptors but alas I don’t know. Here are some images that Mr. Becken sent to me of Lowell’s work.