Do You Remember Dolly Bell?

Written by Joe D on November 15th, 2011

Another Netflix streaming find! Emir Kustarica’s first film Do You Remember Dolly Bell?, a magical start to a great series of films by this unique director. Coming across like a mashup of Fellini. Godard, and early Milos Foreman, but already revealing the personal touches that make Kustarica so great. His obsession with hypnotism, and hypnotizing animals in particular. The super cool Italian rock and roll music, the 1959 film screened at the Social Center, Europe By Night. This film features a striptease by a performer named Dolly Bell, and a local girl, is named after her by her pimp. The way of life under Communism, the idealistic father who calls meetings at the dinner table and has the youngest son take minutes. The rock band, started by the Party members for the good of the community. A wonderful film, unfortunately the copy on Netflix looks like a bad VHS but still it’s better than nothing. Check it out, a good time is guaranteed for all.