Casque D’Or at The Aero

Written by Joe D on August 3rd, 2009

Wednesday night Jacques Becker’s Casque D’Or will screen at The Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Check it out , a great film by the maker of Le Trou and Touchez Pas Le Grisbi. One time assistant to the God of Filmmakers Jean Renoir.

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  1. Aug
    Jeff Duncanson

    Agreed – I think Becker is sorely underrated.

  2. Aug
    Joe D

    A funny thing happened, I thought Casque D’Or translated as Golden Barrel or Golden Cask, the subtitle translation was Golden Marie. Later I found out Casque D’Or meant The Golden Helmet, which is an infinitely better title! When I found out what it really meant everything snapped into focus! The whole movie is about the fascination for Marie by all the men and her golden helmet of blonde hair is the beacon that attracts men onto the rocky reefs of reality. An incredible film, favorite of Truffaut and many others.

  3. May

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  4. Nov
    harley davidson

    A man is only as good as what he loves.

  5. Nov
    Aracelis Trotta

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  6. May
    Doreen Rav

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