Mark Boone Junior, 30 Days Of Night

Written by Joe D on October 17th, 2007


Mark Boone Junior Kicks Vampire Ass!

Mark Boone Junior is getting rave reviews for his performance in 30 Days of Night but don’t take my word for it, read the quotes below. Maybe somebody in Hollywood will catch on and offer him a lead role, wait a minute! I already did! He’s the star of my film One Night With You, and I predict many more to come.

“While Danny Huston is appropriately creepy and menacing as the vampire leader, the standout performance once again comes from Mark Boone Junior, who plays a fearless town outcast who does the best construction equipment beat-down since Sigourney Weaver climbed in that “Aliens” forklift robot thing.”

“What could be better than Mark Boone Junior driving around in some kind of chainsaw-esque tractor, slicing through multiple baddies while simultaneously blowing away others with a shotgun? Exactly. Nothing could be better. In fact, I think I like this scene better than that sequence in Dawn of the Dead where they’re driving the modified bus around. But that partially has to do with my appreciation for Mark Boone Junior. He just looks like the perfect guy to be in charge of a task like this.”

“In particular, Mark Boone Junior is great as Beau, creating a character that has excellent moments of both humor and pathos.”

“Although the film is supposed to be a vehicle for Hartnett, he isn’t the leading man you want to root for. Mark Boone Junior, best known as corrupt cop Flass in “Batman Begins” gives a great supporting performance as a grizzled townsman who fearlessly takes on the entire Vampire clan with a snow plow equipped with, flares, dynamite and bear traps. He has a full beard unlike Hartnett who barely grows peach fuzz after not shaving for a month.”

“The best character in the movie is town recluse and snow plow driver Beau Brower, played by the always cool Mark Boone Junior. His character’s back story is interesting, he’s got plenty of screen charisma, he can act and make you care about him, and he gets three great scenes kicking vampire butt. Why isn’t the movie about him? Why isn’t he able to redeem his death fighting vampires in “John Carpenter’s Vampires”?”

The supporting cast is very nice with my favourite being the amazing Mark Boone Junior (Memento, Batman Begins) playing the stereotypical bad mutha effa who lives on the outskirts of town as a live-for-nothing drifter man’s man.

“Mountain man Beau (an awesome Mark Boone Junior) embodies the strange stock that would choose to live somewhere like that…”

From TV
“Mark Boone Jr. makes a vivid impression as eccentric loner Beau Brower…”

What are you waiting for? Go see Boone in 30 Days Of Night and send fan mail to the studio demanding he star in the sequel!

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  1. Oct

    It’s about time.

  2. Dec

    Mark Boone Junior is really quite astounding in his performance. I really find him to be one of my favorite character actors around.

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