All Things Must Pass – Jerry’s Video Reruns

Written by Joe D on September 2nd, 2007

What a bummer! My favorite video store is closing down! I just found out that they will close their doors for good on Tuesday after 20 years of operation.


Now What was it I was going to rent?

This is a place where you could find really obscure stuff, a lot of things only available on VHS. Tapes with stickers that said “$400 if lost or damaged”. Jerry and his wife are being forced out, victims of escalating rent and other expenses.


Jerry & Mary

Some corporate crap house will no doubt take over his space. Yuck! Many’s the night a small crowd would be gathered by the counter talking film, watching a bizarre clip Jerry would be playing on a monitor by the door. “Hey Jerry can you show my friend the opening of Cemetary Without Crosses?”


Wait a minute, I reserved Showgirls! Give it back!

I would recommend movies to people if they showed an interest. When an actor died news people would call Jerry for a clip. Writers and directors would rent reference films , researching projects, ripping off, I mean getting inspired by old films. Jerry was interviewed about William Castle, Ed Wood, his favorite movie-King Kong, Wah Chang, etc., etc. He always knew the name of every obscure character actor, he was always talking about particular episodes of long forgotten TV shows. He’s a great source of Hollywood history.


Filmed in Percepto! You are the clerk!

I’d see lots of Celebrities in there. One Time Leonardo DiCaprio was shining a laser pointer at passing cars from the parking lot!


Hey Mister! Are you a Celebrity?

Maybe Jerry will offer a phone in information service. ” Hello, Jerry’s video info!” ” Yeah, umm, who was the guy that played Gort in The Day The Earth Stood Still?” I guess running a video store can get to be a grind, when I asked Jerry “What are you going to do now?” he replied” As little as possible!” So lift up a stein of Belgian Beer and toast the passing of a movie oasis, an island of cool films that’s sinking beneath the waves of corporate media.


So Long Old Friend